Bring Your Vehicle To Altitude Evanston for Seasonal Maintenance

We all know that with vehicle ownership comes routine maintenance such as oil changes, air filter replacements, and the like. But, did you know that seasonal services are also recommended to keep your vehicle running well despite changes in season and driving conditions? Rainy days are more plentiful in the fall, so now is a great time to check the tread on your tires. Without enough tread depth, your vehicle won't be able to grip the road properly, and in wet conditions, insufficient tread depth can lead to an accident. You can check your tread yourself quickly and easily by using a Lincoln penny. Simply insert the penny – using the side with Abe's head – in a couple of spots on each tire. If you can see the entire top of his head, your tread is less than one-sixteenth of an inch deep, and you're ready for new tires. Altitude Evanston has a parts and service center that can perform all of your service needs (including new tires!), and is staffed by skilled, factory-trained technicians. We also offer our customers great value, so make sure you check out our service specials and coupons. This fall, check your tires and other systems, and visit Altitude Evanston
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