Current Limited Edition Jeep Cherokee Models

One of the things that Jeep is known for is creating limited edition trim levels for its most popular SUV models. Seeing as it was one of the most noteworthy SUVs in the Jeep lineup this past year, the Jeep Cherokee has three limited edition models. The first of these is the Jeep Cherokee 75th Anniversary Edition, which commemorates the history of Jeep as an American automaker. Among the finer attributes of this limited edition Cherokee are a special bronze exterior accent color and low-gloss bronze 18-inch aluminum wheels. The other two exciting limited edition Jeep Cherokee SUVs are the High Altitude and Sport Altitude trim levels. The leather-trimmed interior and gloss black accents of the Cherokee High Altitude give this model a luxury feel, while the Cherokee Sport Altitude looks ready to explore off-road trails thanks to its bright white exterior and gloss black painted 18-inch wheels. So if you are looking for a Jeep Cherokee model that is loaded with upgraded features and has a dynamic design theme, any of the limited edition trim levels may be the perfect choice for you.

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